Offsite, prefabricated, modular... call it what you will, but it's a rapidly growing industry in the construction world and W.Howard is involved!

Individual modules made in factories can be built to a much higher quality and allow for exact duplicates to be quickly produced. These modules can then be delivered and installed on site, linking together with other modules to quickly create a complete building, be it a block of flats, a series of houses or a school.

The benefits of offsite construction are speed, efficiency, quality and of course, saving costs.

Our MDF profiles are extensively used by a number of offsite construction companies mainly due to our ability to supply fully finished products that can be installed quickly. They are: 

- fully finished so there's no need to paint or decorate

- cut to size if required

- with custom machined hinge and latch rebates

- all delivered ready to install

We can also fit door furniture.