Marketing Assistant

What do you do at W.Howard? I am a Marketing Assistant, were I create marketing materials for the W.Howard Group, as well as managing and updating the website and supporting the sales team with POS and product displays.


When did you join W.Howard? August 2020.


What do you most enjoy about working at W.Howard? The ambition to try new things & always looking to improve the company in every possible area, ensuring a fresh approach to all projects & every day is not the same.


What is your Favourite Product and why? The wall panelling kit. It’s a booming product as it is very contemporary in it’s aesthetic & the versatility it possesses in being so attractive to both domestic & commercial markets.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Treat people as you expect to be treated.


What most recently made you smile? Liverpool FC actually getting their cheque book out & signing Luis Diaz


Interesting fact about me: I worked in the United States for four months after my first year of university where I directed ‘Soccer’ camps across Montana, Seattle and Alaska.


Favourite Place: Anfield


What was your first job? As a waiter at an Italian restaurant at 15 so I could pay for my Hockey Goalkeeper kit & stayed working there part time for over 6 years.