Internal Sales Manager

What do you do at W.Howard?  I manage a number of functions across the commercial team. These include order processing, customer service & telesales as well as producing quotes & estimates for made to order items. I am also involved in a number of projects with other senior members of the management team such as mentoring and process mapping.


When did you join W.Howard? April 2019


What do you most enjoy about working at W.Howard?  I really enjoy being part of a team that has evolved during some very difficult trading conditions over the last couple of years. The sense that everybody’s input is valued is very strong.


What is your Favourite Product and why?  My favourite part of our business revolves around made to order profiles.  The sheer number of profiles that have been successfully produced highlights not only the versatility of MDF but also the high skill levels throughout our operations.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Go for it!


What most recently made you smile?  My biggest smile recently (along with a few tears) came at my daughter’s graduation and her becoming a doctor. Many years of hard work and effort rewarded!


Interesting fact about me? I won  the first prize in my institute of wood science exams whilst I was a trainee and was awarded the Brian Latham trophy.


Favourite Place: Have discovered many places across the UK recently but Cornwall and especially Portleven are favourites after many years of holidays in the area.


What was your first job?  Other than a few weeks stacking supermarket shelves, I left school and landed a job in this fantastic trade and have been gainfully employed ever since. Some would obviously disagree!