1. Our Wide Windowboards Product News

    Our Wide Windowboards

    The latest Building Regulations now require homes to be fitted with extra insulation on external walls as part of a fabric-first approach to efficiency. That means many existing window boards are no longer deep enough to fit into thicker walls. That’s why we’ve launched our new wide window boards. Measuring 25mm x 350mm x 3,660mm, […]
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  2. Our FOIL Wrapped Range Product News

    Our FOIL Wrapped Range

    Did you know our foil-wrapped MDF products offer a fully finished skirting and architrave solution with no need for painting or finishing? We offer wood grain and solid colour options with White, Golden Oak and Light Oak finishes being among our most popular finishes. These are all available in a wide range of profile designs […]
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  3. Our Wall Panelling Sets Product News

    Our Wall Panelling Sets

    Did you know that both our Slatted and Shaker MDF Wall Panelling Sets are now available from stock for delivery within just five days? Our Wall Panelling Sets are a great way to give plain walls an exciting new refresh, bringing the natural joy of timber into any home. Our Oak Slatted Wall Panelling set consists of […]
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  4. Our Period Range Product News

    Our Period Range

    Some styles never go out of fashion, which is why we offer a wide range of MDF profiles that follow Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art-Deco designs. Perfect for retrofit projects, our Period range offers the classic styles to suit any retrofit project, but with all the modern benefits associated with MDF. That means you can install […]
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  5. Our Primed Products Product News

    Our Primed Products

    Did you know all our classic, period and contemporary MDF profiles are supplied twice primed and ready for you to use on site? Whatever profile design you’re looking for, we can supply it twice primed and de-nibbed. Our water-based primer is highly pigmented to give it a strong opacity, so it dries nice and flat, and gives […]
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  6. Door Casings and Linings Product News

    Door Casings and Linings

    Did you know we also sell door casings and linings as part of our joinery range? These quality MDF products are designed to complement our architraves so you can achieve a beautiful, co-ordinated interior in any space. As well as our traditional door lining and casing sets, we can also offer a wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths […]
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  7. Our New Shaker Wall Panelling Set Company news,Product News

    Our New Shaker Wall Panelling Set

    If you’re looking for Shaker-style wall panelling to bring a simple, Arts & Crafts style to your home, or your customer’s home, then why not check out our brand new Shaker Wall Panelling Set? The latest addition to our popular Wall Panelling range, our Shaker boards are all the same length, so the tradesperson can […]
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  8. Our New Slatted Wall Panelling Set Company news,Product News

    Our New Slatted Wall Panelling Set

    Create a stunning slatted screen feature on any wall with our new Oak Slatted Wall Panelling Set. Each individual slat consists of a stable MDF core finished with a real wood Oak veneer, giving tradespeople the same look and feel as solid timber with all the benefits of MDF. Every slat has its own unique […]
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  9. New Wide Window Board Company news,In the Press,Product News

    New Wide Window Board

    W.Howard have launched a new wide window board which comes in a white primed finish and has a bull nosed profile with a flush back edge, so it can be cut down to suit different wall thicknesses. Measuring 25mm x 350mm x 3,660mm, the wide window board is also being brought to market to give […]
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