Group Finance Director

What do you do at W.Howard? Looking after the Groups finances, making sure we have the funds to operate and invest.


When did you join W.Howard? June 2012


What do you most enjoy about working at W.Howard? The business is built on solid foundations and supported by an excellent workforce, but is not afraid to go out and find new ventures and opportunities.


What is your Favourite Product? Chamfered & 2x V Grooved, I like the clean edges and it  is something a bit different and modern.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Success only involves a very small element of good luck which you can’t control, but the rest you can which is hard work and perseverance.


What most recently made you smile? My sons both telling me they do real work, not mess about behind a desk.


Interesting fact about me: Are finance people allowed to be interesting?


Favourite Place: Anywhere where the sun is shining and has cold beer on tap.


What was your first job? Stacking shelves at Homebase, complete with the bright green uniform they had (thankfully no mobile phone cameras back then).