The latest Building Regulations now require homes to be fitted with extra insulation on external walls as part of a fabric-first approach to efficiency. That means many existing window boards are no longer deep enough to fit into thicker walls.

That’s why we’ve launched our new wide window boards. Measuring 25mm x 350mm x 3,660mm, they give the trade a way to comply with these regulations while adding the perfect finishing touch to any interior.

Our white primed window boards have a bull nosed profile with a flush back edge, so it can be cut to suit different wall thicknesses. They are also supplied twice primed ready for a simple undercoat and gloss finish, so they can be finished easily on site and matched to any interior decor.

We also offer real wood veneer window boards that give the same look and feel as solid timber, with none of the knots, warps or defects often found in other wood products. This is thanks to their moisture-resistant MDF core, which makes the boards dimensionally stable. The veneered window boards are available in American White Oak and American Black Walnut finishes.